Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to the North Hill Neighborhood. Our neighborhood includes about 5,000 homes within its boundaries. Those boundaries are; on the north Francis Avenue, on the west Ash Street, on the east Division Street and on the south Cora and Courtland Avenues running along the north rim, overlooking the city. The architecture of the homes range from homes built in the early 1900s located in the southern portion of the neighborhood to more contemporary homes and low-rise apartment buildings built throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s in the northern part of the neighborhood.

We have three elementary schools; Madison, Willard and Ridgeview. Our neighborhood is also home to three Public Parks. Clark, Franklin and a pocket park, Ruth, are busy and enjoyed by many of our neighbors. Throughout the summer Clark and Franklin Parks host slow pitch softball games. Franklin Park has many special events including “Bark in the Park” (a dog show), horseshoe tournaments, soccer games and a rally that North Hill Neighborhood Council co-sponsors, “Neighbors United for Racial Equality”. It also includes a gazebo for large gatherings and recently upgraded playground equipment.

There are more than six active churches in our neighborhood that make a big impact on our community.

Garland Village in a unique collection of retail stores, restaurants, an art gallery and entertainment facilities. This area has served the neighborhood for over 70 years. We have a wonderful movie theater that has all the neon of the 50s and has been recently refurbished. On another corner is the Milk Bottle restaurant and ice cream parlor, built in the shape of its name.

Along the northern corridor of the neighborhood are many professional and small business enterprises. The Division commercial area fulfills the needs of car buyers to carpet buyers, video rentals to hearing aids, office equipment, to beds and mattresses.

The neighborhood is a walking neighborhood with many facilities within reach. There is public transportation available for north, south and east, west commuting.

The North Hill Neighborhood Council is a unique opportunity, right here in our neighborhood. We would like to invite you to join us in exploring our issues, concerns, wants and needs for North Hill. Together we can have a voice and be heard at Spokane’s City Hall.

The Neighborhood Council Program was created by City Ordinance. Membership is open to anyone who is at least 16 years of age and lives, owns property or operates a business within our boundaries.

If this describes you,

You are already a member!

The North Hill Neighborhood Council was officially recognized by the City of Spokane in March 1998 to operate in as advisory and advocacy role for our neighborhood. We seek and encourage participation from all individuals and groups within our boundaries.

The North Hill Neighborhood Council meets on the second Thursday of each month at Willard Elementary School located at 500 West Longfellow. The meetings start at 7:00 pm.

For information about the Neighborhood Council’s recent accomplishments please click on the Documents link.